Terrace-tic Palermo : Buenos Aires Rental

Spacious 1 Bedroom Apartment in Palermo Hollywood


The definition of charming, at least in terms of design, usually implies a mixture of quirky touches and homey comforts that invite you to sit back and relax while keeping the senses entranced and intrigued. While often hard to accomplish, this apartment manages to balance both aspects, all while maintaining functionality.

While admittedly on the smaller side, the flat forfeits nothing in terms of comfort — the couch is one of those you sink into, the bedroom is cozy with plenty of closet space and the kitchen makes the most of its limited space with plenty of well-stocked cupboards. But honestly, the most enchanting part of the apartment is the terrace.

Decked out (pun most definitely intended) with bright flowers, hidden strings of fairy lights and ethereal candles, you might just spend more time here than anywhere else in the city. The view is clear and the sun bright, and at your feet the treetops wave softly in the breeze—you can almost hear the soundtrack composing itself.

One of the trendier neighborhoods in the city, Palermo Hollywood gets its name from the local presence of television and movie studios, production companies and radio stations. You won't find a shortage of nightlife and dining options around this neighborhood. With a quirky artistic vibe, this area is a great choice for the young or young at heart.

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